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Rent Your Own Boat for Independent Adventures

John with a salmon
Kayaking near PetersburgView of Frederick Sound
     Are you looking for an awesome Alaskan wilderness adventure that keeps you coming back for more?  
    Do you like to go boating, fish or hunt, go camping - using a rustic, well-maintained USFS cabin, view wildlife, whale watch, or would you like to idle up to a beautiful blue, drifting iceberg or view nearby glaciers?
    COME and visit Petersburg, Alaska!  Give us a call ~Reserve a skiff, and we will help get you going in the right direction...

We are a small, quaint, waterfront fishing community located on the northern shore of Mitkof Island, just one of a thousand islands that comprise the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska.

The Petersburg area is ideally suited for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking for a self-guided boating adventure in Southeast Alaska.  Jensen’s Boat Rentals will provide you with a top-quality 18’ or 21’ aluminum skiff; outfitted as needed for your favorite outdoor expedition.

Fill your day with sport fishing, seasonal hunting, cruising, exploring, camping, backpacking/day hikes, beach walks, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, visit a nearby glacier, or whale watch.
  • Sport Fishing:  You may choose to saltwater sport fish for halibut, salmon, crab, and shrimp or freshwater sport fish for trout. Alaska Department of Fish and Game provides a great seasonal chart for your fishing options
  • Camping:  Pick one of 11 US Forest Service cabins (direct saltwater access) in the area and spend time enjoying the restful, solitude you will experience while camping, fishing, hiking, or wildlife viewing in our magnificent coastal rain forests.
  • Cruising & Exploring:  Plan a relaxing skiff cruise and explore the many pristine bays, sloughs and small rivers, along the hundreds of miles of nearby island coastlines.
  • Hiking/Backpacking:  Walk the beaches-have a picnic, take a wilderness hike to an inland lake, along a river, or climb your way to the top of Petersburg Mountain for a spectacular view of Petersburg and inland waterways.
  • Alaska Photo Ops: During the summer, the waters of Southeast Alaska become the feeding grounds to the awesome humpback and killer whales. You will find sea lions lounging on their rookeries or taking a time out on the local channel buoys. To the east of Petersburg, you may - from a safe distance, view the very active and spectacular Le Conte glacier. Travel to the north into the Thomas Bay area and view the receding Baird Glacier. It is exciting to come across the amazing indigenous wildlife: black and brown bear, Sitka black-tail deer, the occasional moose or wolf; and observe our bountiful bird life - the American bald eagle, seabirds, and migratory birds that are common sights all over Southeast.
  • Hunting: Bear hunters arrive in April-May for the spring hunting season; deer hunters arrive in August; waterfowl hunters in the fall; several local, successful hunting areas are accessible by skiff.
  • Local Lodging: Rent the Lucky Loon, a waterfront beach house just minutes from town. We have many wonderful, friendly B&B's and  local hotels to serve your needs.
  • Please note: for fishing and/or hunting you will need an Alaska State fishing/hunting license, available from Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

You will find that as you travel in any direction; north, south, east or west from Petersburg on Mitkof Island
                 ~an awesome Alaskan adventure awaits you!
Iceberg close-up
     Local: 907-772-4635     P.O. Box 681, Petersburg, AK 99833
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